It is a common misconception that an increase in profit can only come from making more sales. We’re here to challenge this thinking, and to demonstrate how identifying the right pricing strategy can deliver highly impressive ROI for your business.
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Just a 5% increase in prices can achieve a 22% increase in profits.

We typically deliver at least 20% profit growth for our clients, and sometimes significantly higher than that.

The skill is in knowing how to implement the right pricing strategy: to increase profits without damaging your business or losing clients.

It can be done. It’s what we do.

Pricing Surgery

For an initial review of your pricing, we offer a 2-hour consultation session. Clear advice and suggestions to improve your pricing.

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A modest investment in identifying the right pricing strategy can have a profound and rapid effect on profit.

Price Coaching

Our coaching programmes help SME businesses work out the best solution for your pricing challenges.

Price Training

Helping businesses discover a pricing strategy that drives profit, and to feel comfortable communicating value to customers.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Fear is the response that most business owners have when they approach pricing. They focus on the numbers, rather than on value. When you clearly demonstrate to your customers the value of your product or service, pricing is no longer the sole, or even primary, focus. It’s a shift in mind-set.

The next obstacle we encounter is that businesses believe there is only one way to set pricing – the one widely accepted within their industry. In fact there are many ways to approach pricing and we work to identify a pricing strategy that will yield more profit, while still retaining happy customers.

Here are some of the pricing challenges we overcome:

  • Setting the right price for new products or services
  • Implementing price increases
  • Devising a customer-centric pricing strategy, using market research
  • Dealing with competitors undercutting you on price
  • Preventing your sales team from discounting too heavily

Businesses typically under charge for what they deliver, so the good news is there is plenty of scope for increasing profit. It’s about communicating value, understanding customer perception, then identifying and implementing a pricing strategy that works.

Trade on value, not on price

“We found that Mark from PriceMaker knows his stuff. His approach was thought provoking but also realistic and applied to real life situations. I would recommend him to anyone who takes margin seriously because it can make a massive difference to your business.”

Luke Pollard
Managing Director, ActionPoint Ltd


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