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About PriceMaker

Price maker” – an entity that has the power to influence the price it charges.

We help our clients become price makers, rather than price takers.

Smarter pricing helps businesses differentiate themselves from the competition.

By using smarter pricing, we help businesses differentiate themselves from the competition, and achieve better prices in a way that your customers will value.

Pricing is the most important part of your business mix, yet all too often it’s the one area that people tend to spend the least amount of time thinking about.

Here at PriceMaker, we believe that better pricing is possible for any business.

A small improvement in price can make a big difference to your profits, and your long-term success.



Our purpose is to inspire and transform businesses to become more successful by using the power of pricing to maximise profits.



Our mission is to help 1,000 businesses increase their profits with better pricing.

Our Values

We want to work with businesses that share our vision and values.


We are experts in pricing, and you are experts in your business. By combining forces, we will transform the success of your business.


Our goal is to educate our clients and the business community on the value of better pricing and the difference this can make to your business.


We explore all aspects of your situation so that we can devise the best possible pricing strategy for you. We diagnose before we prescribe.


We work collaboratively with our clients and their teams to encourage the best ideas to be developed using both your and our expertise.


We are empathetic to the problems our clients have, and the situations they are in, and listen carefully to your issues and needs.


We don’t just provide the strategy, we will help you execute the recommended advice to ensure you achieve your desired benefits.


We have clear ethics both in the way we operate our business, but also in the advice that we give. Great pricing is based on strong values and beliefs.

Find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

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