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Tangible results and an impressive ROI are what drives us, and in turn your success


Tangible results and an impressive ROI are what drives us, and in turn your success. We understand that it’s not what we say we do, but what our customers say, that will influence your decision to work with us.

We demonstrate how almost every business will benefit from an expert review of their pricing strategy, regardless of the product or service type, or the industry within which they operate.

Here are some case studies for a selection of businesses we have helped, showing how we achieved a very significant rise in their profit margins. Our service is bespoke to each and every business, and the solutions we create are as diverse as the businesses we help.

Membership - Pricing strategy case study

Membership Organisation

With demand and costs increasing at a higher rate than revenues, we restructured the product offering and key account pricing to generate +£500K of incremental profit.

Construction - Pricing strategy case study

Product Supplier (construction sector)

We analysed and reviewed their full range of c.200 product lines and increased prices by net 4.7% to deliver incremental profit of +£700K, as well as making recommendations to improve their overall pricing strategy.

Exhibitions - Pricing strategy case study

Global Exhibitions Company

We interviewed their customers and helped the client to create a new “tiered” pricing strategy that was completely aligned to customer value, increasing their profit margins by over €700K.

Marketing agency - Pricing strategy case study

Marketing Agency

We analysed their business and showed that they were under-pricing their services, so we increased their hourly rate by 25% and gave them a fool proof method for communicating and implementing their new prices.

Media agency - Pricing strategy case study

Media Agency

We defined a new pricing strategy to help launch a new SaaS product that will deliver a significant uplift in monthly recurring revenues.

Consulting - Pricing strategy case study

Specialist Consultancy

We helped a specialist consultancy (whose traditional pricing model was based on hourly rates) design and develop new pricing models for three new online product offerings. Interviewing the client’s customers about their attitudes to price and value was a critical part of getting the right outcome for this client.

IT software - Pricing strategy case study

IT Software House

The client provides software solutions by charging a day rate, but had come up with an innovative new software solution to meet a gap in their market. We helped the client create a product & pricing model that was in line with customer value, would allow them to expand quickly and also meet their revenue & profit targets.

Pricing client sectors

Client Sectors

We typically work with businesses in the following sectors:

  • IT, Digital & SaaS
  • Marketing & Media
  • Professional & Legal
  • Consulting & Training
  • Consumer Products & Luxury
  • B2B Product Suppliers & Distributors
  • Franchising & Membership Organisations

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