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We are a team of pricing experts, with proven expertise in pricing design, analytics, strategy and implementation. Each with our own area of specialist knowledge, we rapidly identify creative and effective pricing solutions.

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Mark Peacock

Mark Peacock

Founder & M.D.


After a 25-year career in senior positions in the corporate world, I decided to launch my own business in 2018. Pricing had always played an important part in my previous roles, and I knew how much of an impact it could have on any business. I thought there was a gap in the market for pricing advice for SMEs, so I after a few years working on my own, I set up PriceMaker to deliver on that vision.

Its been fantastically rewarding to help many businesses transform their business and increase their profits by using a better pricing strategy. And I’m certain that the subject of pricing will soon be recognised as the most important profit driver for any business.

Chris Howard

Chris Howard

Pricing Consultant


I became interested in the power of pricing a few years ago whilst Sales Director of a growing fashion jewellery business. I had been so used to applying a ‘cost-plus’ model to the product range in the past that it became automatic. I realised I could make so much more profit for the business by focussing on a ‘value-add’ pricing model and so switched to this. The following year we delivered the highest profit contribution in the company.

 My background is in consumer premium lifestyle brands where I have been responsible for retail operations, wholesale, franchising and D2C for some globally recognised brands. These are highly competitive channels and pricing is a key component across many activities.

In August 2019 I left the corporate world, moved to Barcelona and set up Globaleap, a business consultancy focused on being coach and consultant to growing businesses with real ambition to scale by at least 20% a year. Pricing forms the cornerstone of my activities.

Martin West

Martin West

Management Accountant


I am a Chartered Management Accountant with 25+ years’ experience specialising in budgeting, cash flow forecasting and management information. I have a ‘Big 4’ Corporate Finance background alongside broad experience as a non-executive director. The latter experience covers both large, complex organisations as well as start-up and early-revenue businesses in IT, healthcare, property, brewing and education. 

My passion is to help businesses analyse their key performance indicators and unit costs so that they can make better decisions about pricing.

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